Leontiev Igor Nikolaevich (Photo)

Leontiev Igor Nikolaevich

Position:  Assistant Professor
Degree:  Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics
Researcher ID:  D-2037-2009

Research interests

  • Synthesis of nanoparticles metals and oxides, also composites based on them.
  • Materials for fuel cell, supercapacitor and Li-ion batteries.
  • Size effect nanomaterials.
  • X-ray diffraction: crystal structure and phase transitions in ferroelectric crystals and thin films.
  • In-situ research processes synthesis nanoparticles and them functioning in fuel cells, supercapacitor and Li-ion batteries.
  • Materials behavior under extreme condition (super strong electric fields and high-pressure).
  • Structure and property ferroelectric materials, thermodynamics ferroelectric phase transitions.




  1. "Establishment of physicochemical laws governing the formation of metal nanoparticles under conditions of non-stationary electrolysis and the creation of highly active catalytic systems for hydrogen energy" 2016-2018 Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Grant No. 118-33-20064 ofi-m — Performer.
  2. State contract No 14.587.21.0029 "Variation of the microstructural characteristics of carbon supported platinum nanocatalysts in theprocesses of synthesis and fuel cell work: Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction Investigation» 2016-2017 г. Supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia — Supervisor.
  3. "Synthesis and investigations of Graphene based nanocomposites for the fuel cell, supercapasitors and Li-ion batteries" 2016-2018 Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Grant No. 16-29-06409 ofi-m — Supervisor.
  4. "In-situ combined investigations of nanoparticles nucleation and growth processes of the platinum carbon supported electrocatalysts for low-temperatures fuel cells". Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Grant No. 12-08-01193_а — Supervisor.
  5. "Multiferroic thin films and superlattices" 2012-2014 Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Grant No. 12-02-91051-НЦНИ_а — Performer.
  6. "X-ray diffraction studies of high pressure influence on Pt nanoparticles" 2011. Supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. State contract 10.79.2011 — Supervisor.
  7. "Preparation, core and surface state diagnosis of two- and three-metallic nanoparticles with not uniform components distribution" - 2008-2010. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Grant No. 11-08-00499-а — Performer.
  8. "Prediction of the specific catalytic activity and synthesis of high active Pt/C and PtMe/C nanocatalysts for low temperature fuel cells" 2008-2010. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Grant No. 08-08-00869-а — Performer.
  9. "Structure and lattice dynamics of ferroelectric superlattices of perovskites" - 2009-2011. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Grant No. 09-02-00666-а — Performer.


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